If you or a loved one is facing traffic violations or criminal charges, Diamond Bar Criminal Defense and Traffic Violations Attorney Stephan Johnson can likely address and resolve the situation. He has been helping clients with these cases for over 20 years and understands what it takes to protect your rights and freedom.

Diamond Bar Attorney Johnson can assist with charges related to a suspension of a driver’s license or a DUI, parole or probation violation, drug crime, theft, assault and battery, or similar crime. Misdemeanor traffic infractions and more serious violations like reckless driving can be resolved in such a way as to reduce unnecessary harm to the defendant. Some cases can even be removed from one’s permanent record. Call our law firm to discuss your concerns with Diamond Bar Criminal Defense Attorney Stephan Johnson.

When you need a Diamond Bar traffic violations attorney who has a clear understanding of truckers and others who earn their living by driving, contact Lawyer Johnson. He knows the impact that just one ticket or similar traffic incident can have on a person’s livelihood. Attorney Johnson stands for the rights of truckers, cab drivers, and others in similar industries.

To make an appointment for a no-fee consultation with Diamond Bar Traffic Violations Attorney and Diamond Bar Criminal Defense Attorney Johnson, call our office at (909) 476-1455. He gives careful consideration to the circumstances of each client’s case so as to reach a more favorable outcome.

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Responding to Criminal Charges in Diamond Bar, California

Have you asked yourself, “What do you do when you’ve been charged with a crime?” Know that Diamond Bar Criminal Lawyer Johnson is ready to assist. Due to the uniqueness of most cases and the range of possible fines or other penalties such as jail time, consulting an experienced criminal law attorney can make a big difference in the final outcome. With Attorney Johnson’s many years of defending clients, he is well positioned to help you avoid excessive penalties and preserve your freedom.

Drug Crimes Attorney

As the laws regarding some substances change, so do the penalties associated with violating such laws. Mr. Johnson stays up to date on these changes. As a well-informed and effective drug crimes lawyer, he knows how current law may affect a case. Are you facing charges of possession or sale, distribution, manufacture, or transportation of a controlled substance? Mr. Johnson can guide you and help navigate these charges while preserving your rights.

DUI Lawyer | Driving Offenses Attorney

When someone finds themselves facing a charge of driving under the influence, having a skilled DUI attorney can help greatly in resolving matters sensibly. Driving Offenses Lawyer Johnson walks his clients through their case, assisting with the criminal charges in addition to the DMV administrative matters when needed.

Parole Violation Lawyer | Probation Violation Attorney

When a person is accused of probation / parole violation, Diamond Bar Criminal Defense Attorney Stephan Johnson can help. Some cases can see a reduction of penalties. With over two decades of experience defending client rights, Mr. Johnson is a probation and a parole violation attorney who knows how to resolve such charges and produce a favorable

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