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I firmly believe that every individual I represent deserves to have a voice in the criminal justice system.

After you are arrested on suspicion of DUI, you face a battle on two fronts: one in criminal court and one against the DMV.

Southern California has a car-based economy, and without a drivers license, it is practically impossible to earn a living.

Traffic Violations can have major implications on your finances and capability to sustain employment and income.

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Ontario Driving Offense Lawyer | Suspended License

Ontario Driving Offense Attorney Stephan Johnson provides an aggressive legal representation for individuals who are facing charges for driving on a suspended license. For more than 20 years, Mr. Johnson has fought to protect the rights of clients in Ontario, California and in neighboring communities.

We understand the challenges you face when your license has been suspended. It can be a hassle getting around. You need to get to work by a certain time, yet you have no transportation. How can you manage to pick up your kids from school? While you have many reasons to drive, the consequences are severe when you get caught driving on a suspended license.

Ontario Driving Offense Lawyer Stephan J. Johnson has helped countless clients in these situations. Whether your license was suspended for DUI or another reason, we are prepared to assist you.

Call (909) 476-1455 to schedule your free consultation. Driving Offense Attorney Stephan Johnson works vigorously to obtain positive results for each client.

Fighting a Driving on a Suspended License Charge

If you’ve been arrested for driving on a suspended license, the consequences can be a serious criminal offense. Ontario Attorney Stephan Johnson is an experienced criminal defense lawyer. He understands the complexities of your situation. You may also be facing additional charges related to the reason for your stop at the time of your arrest.

Penalties for driving on a suspended license may include the revocation of your license, an extension of the suspension, severe fines, or jail time. Depending upon your circumstances, your vehicle may have been impounded as well.

Contact Ontario Driving Offense Attorney Stephan Johnson

If you are fighting these charges and are looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney, call Ontario Driving Offense Lawyer Stephan Johnson today. We have a record of success handling complex cases, and we have the knowledge and skill to zealously advocate on your behalf.

Call our office at (909) 476-1455 and arrange for a free consultation. You may also reach Ontario Attorney Stephan Johnson online by submitting our Case Evaluation Form.


How Long Can a License Be Suspended in California?

The length of a driver’s license suspension depends on the reason for the conviction and related circumstances. For an uninsured driver’s involvement in an accident, the suspension may be four years. For a DUI (first conviction), it is suspended for six months. Additional DUI convictions may result in suspension of a license from between two to four years. If your conviction involves vandalism, your license may be suspended for one year. Excessive points on a driving record may result in a six-month suspension, probation, or revocation altogether. Failure to appear in court, failure to pay court-mandated child support, and failure to report an accident all may result in a driver’s license suspension for an indeterminate amount of time.

How Can My License Get Reinstated?

The method of getting your driver’s license reinstated depends on the reason it was suspended in the first place. For each conviction, there are predetermined steps that must be completed before you can get your license back. For example, a DUI conviction will require the driver to complete the required DUI programs, pay the reissuance fee, and wait until the suspension period is over. Other convictions, such as a conviction for driving and being involved in a car accident without insurance, will require the driver to complete the mandatory suspension sentence, pay a reissuance fee, and fulfillment of other court-related mandates, such as filing a Proof of Financial Responsibility form. An experienced license suspension attorney can assist in helping you navigate this process.

How Long is a License Suspension on My Record?

A conviction for a driving offense might last on your driving record for a very long time. On the other hand, depending on the charges, your DMV record may be cleared automatically in a relatively short period of time. For example, many points on your DMV driving record can fall off after about three years. However, more serious offenses, including DUI, may be on your record for several years. For commercial drivers, DUI convictions are reported by the DMV for decades. Actions taken against your driving privileges due to mental or physical impairment can be reported for ten years. Depending on the situation, legal help may be necessary if you want to clean up your driving record.

Can My Attorney Handle Both the Criminal and DMV Case?

Often driving offenses, whether misdemeanor or felony, will involve two separate legal processes. Many people will need an aggressive attorney to fight for their rights in both the criminal case and the DMV hearing. Attorney Stephan J. Johnson has over two decades of experience helping clients navigate these challenging processes. With sound legal guidance, it is possible the charges may be reduced, or the case may be dismissed. Having a skilled attorney on your side helps you advocate for your rights to fight the charges on both fronts (with the DMV and with the criminal courts).